Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Dread What Will Happen Next

Life is full of doing those things that your parents always told you not to do. Don't get a tattoo, don't get a piercing, don't drink too much, don't be rude, don't hit your brother, don't taddle on people, don't smoke. I even remember my father telling me not to draw doodles on my school books, because if I was then it meant I most certainly wasn't concentrating on the work.

Perhaps its an inbuilt function that we rebel against our parents. But then, I have done many of those things (not the tattoo) mentioned with no second thought to what my parents taught or wanted from me. Did they put the idea in my head, or would I have done it anyway?

I dread to think what I will do next.


  1. Awesome Dash, and practical!

  2. Looooooooove the dreadies! Looking good in those photos Dash - and happy too if i may say so....

  3. Love it bro. But didn't you tell me not to tell mum and dad last nite? Now you're in for it!

  4. ha ha, love the new look!