Sunday, December 5, 2010

Regrowth in Marysville

I was up and packed far earlier than normal and on the road for our shortest day. I have put this down -mainly- to the significant lack of rainfall the day before. A truely remarkable and smile inducing 0mm! Although this happy circumstance was met with the appearance of someting else..dew. Nevertheless, with dry clothes and a lighter bag it was much easier to get myself together.

I also made breakfast a light affair, given the minute (49km) distance to cover for the day. The turnaround in my psyche is amazing. I used to consider a 60km event an arduous challenge and now I am looking forward to the 3 peaks challenge in March (>200 km in a day over 3 mountains).

The ride today was tres enjoyable. i was out before most of the schools -a nice change- and was trying to perfect my skills riding as part of a pack. Alas, each time it was my turn to lead I accidentally left the others behind. I need to work on some consistency and lose the 'chase and overtake, chase and overtake' mentality.

It was incredible to see the seedlings (or new branches, not sure which) of the old burn out gums regrowing after Black Saturday. Unfortunately my camera battery died about 4 days ago and my phone isn't good enough to get right up close to show you what I am talking about. But the new growth has wrapped itself up around the burnt out trees, in most cases all the way to the top, and it is amazing to see the bush regrowing faster than the community inside it.

It would have been terrifying to have been there at the time, worse than terrifying actually. Ranges on all sides ablaze with nowhere for you to go and flames moving faster than cars.

Riding across the finish line was a massive rush of adrenaline. The town turned out to cheer us through and the realisation that I had actually done it. You realise why my 4999 co-riders do it year in, year out. To set yourself a goal and achieve it. After 8 days of butt busting hills, unforgiving descents, rain, mud, people tripping over your tent in the middle of thhe night. To cross that line and know you have beaten your mind, and what you previously thought to be the limitations of your own body, it's too good for words. I did have about a 20 minute long period where all I could think was 'Now What Should I Do??' with my legs ready to carry me at least another 30 or 40k!

So the question is...what next???

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's the rest day!

Wow, exhausted! It's the rest day and I'm finding it very hard to get moving this morning. Lying on my new blowup mattress is just so incredibly comfortable and seems to cause my legs no pain.

Actually, the legs actually haven't been complaining for the last two days. Admittedly there's been a lot of flat, but that will change tomorrow were not only do we have a new killer hill but we have to do more than 100k's!

Today i am just taking it easy, doing some maintenance and maybe some canoeing. 2 days ago, just as I was contemplating all the bike breakdowns on the side of the road and why it had not yet happened to me a spoke on the back wheel went CLANG! I should never have thought the thought. A great guy named Peter got me back on the road by compensating with the other spokes. It was all fixed up that evening by the mechanics but last night on my way into town the same thing happened on my front wheel! Argh!

So today will be fixing that and moving slowly...for a change.