Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's the rest day!

Wow, exhausted! It's the rest day and I'm finding it very hard to get moving this morning. Lying on my new blowup mattress is just so incredibly comfortable and seems to cause my legs no pain.

Actually, the legs actually haven't been complaining for the last two days. Admittedly there's been a lot of flat, but that will change tomorrow were not only do we have a new killer hill but we have to do more than 100k's!

Today i am just taking it easy, doing some maintenance and maybe some canoeing. 2 days ago, just as I was contemplating all the bike breakdowns on the side of the road and why it had not yet happened to me a spoke on the back wheel went CLANG! I should never have thought the thought. A great guy named Peter got me back on the road by compensating with the other spokes. It was all fixed up that evening by the mechanics but last night on my way into town the same thing happened on my front wheel! Argh!

So today will be fixing that and moving slowly...for a change.

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