Monday, November 29, 2010

Good morning galahs on Day 3

I managed to pack up my things, admittedly rather slowly yesterday morning, and navigated the treacherous mud to get my breakfast. Thr tent fared the night very well but the bos was slow to get going.

Packing up was only the first chore though, with a much anticipated hill climb and busier roads (day 1 everyone was staggered up a bit more).

The effect of the rain was not all that evident on the road until much later but the hill was evident. Rumour indicated that for the most part it was a 6 degree climb and you could feel it in the legs, even if you didn't know that. however lunch was on the other side of it. for me, i expected some great views, a great downhill and sense of achievement.

There were some other though that had forgotten the point though as they used their energy reserves to push their bikes up the hill. Heads down, mind defeated... it's slower, less efficient and this isn't The Great Vic 'I Pushed my bike for 600kms'!

The downhill after lunch made it all worth it with some reaches speeds of 74kph if rumours are to be believed. Alas speed is the enemy of the sane and someone inevitably came off, with sirens and lights of police and ambulance being required.

But I made it in one piece, and here I go again, on my birthday, ready to attack Murchison!

PS not quite ready - still need to pack, collapse tent, eat breakfast ad take some panadol foe the saddle sores!

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