Thursday, February 18, 2010

Return to Egypt

This post comes from Egypt, the land to which we have returned. Alexandria, to be exact. Once home to the greatest library in the world, that at one point, held more books than had ever been published. And previously home to the great Pharos lighthouse. The two of them Wonders of the Ancient World.

Again, I was warned that there's not a lot in Alexandria, and not to waste too long there, but 'go, so you can say you've gone'. Once again I found this strange advice (to be polite).

Yes, it is noisy, smelly, dirty, busy, expensive (at least for any moderately comfortable accomodation) and at times pushy.

But if you go wandering the streets after 9 or 10pm, the place has somehow come alive in a strange way that makes it a great place to be!

The people seem more relaxed; you can hear the regular 'clack clack' of dominoes and backgammon sets through the constant blaring of car horns. No one is in a rush as the centre of the street fills with couples, mums and dads, kids out past bed time and wandering boys just hanging out. The Corniche (street by the sea) can be made out by the tourists sitting on the wall staring out to sea.

There's an electricity in the air that belies the buildings and monuments of an ancient, perhaps / maybe / slightly has-been city. You can feel it in the cheeky grins and stares, in the way they seem to enjoy you trying their food that looks like it fell off a garbage truck last week. This town has a very entertaining character, I'd like to know more.

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