Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Invitation From Mike I Couldn't Refuse

Friends, on this coming Thurs-eve, under ye newly full lit moon glowering in ye carbon molecule and particulate matter smog haze, by bicycle, cab, tuktuk, and goat we shall make haste nor'east, yonder where lies ye great Stupa of Boudhanath. Ere, on ye full moon eve lay ten hundred thousand score lit-candles, flick'ring whence we ambulate clock-wise of ye stupa in "Kora." Complete ye Kora, and we'll all dine on banana split sunday's at our flat when the clock strikes nine times.

Come or come not if ye will, but come with a bike if ye can.


  1. okay....i'll be there for slurpees and minced pies......

  2. Dude, you sound like your stumbling into " Lord of the Rings " teritory.

    Enjoy your biking and banana splits, just stay away from Mordor....

  3. Sounds like fun! Too bad I'm in the wrong country... (sad face!)

  4. Does this happen once a month - is it the closest Friday to full moon or some other schedule? Let me know! Thanks, Rich