Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bats and Bricks

I'm a mahout on an elephant being pushed up the stairs.  I'm alone with a cricket bat in a china shop except for the timid bull sitting in the corner.  I'm bashing my head against a pillow while leaning on a brick wall.  I'm pulling teeth from a baby and ripping hair from a bald man.  I'm juggling 2 knives, an angry cat and an anvil Wile E Coyote style while singing Click Go the Shears.
In short, I am going batty and this weekend can't come fast enough.


  1. Me too....

    Only it's Xmas I'm hanging out for - 31 sleeps to go...though counting sleeps is not the most effective way to make time pass...Maybe I should try counting sheep??? Sleep through the next month....


  2. have you ever heard my story about the sheep adn the train? completely unrelated - but very funny...not for the sheep though.