Thursday, August 28, 2008

Funny Word

Skewness is a funny word.


  1. i hate you. i'm jealous.

    oh! but the rat is actually warm today! *gasp*

  2. skewness is one of the many words stolen by the physics fraternity. All words to describe "fundamental particles". Charm, strangeness, colour, parity, skewness.
    Incidentally a teacher of mine introduced fundamental particles by saying "They are neither fundamental, nor particles" Way to go Dr. Pargeter!

  3. the program i was using was trying to use it to describe the layouit of the population we were studying....

    so now i;;m confused. Was it trying to tell me that I could predict that 95% of them had coloured particles? Or that they were fundamentally charming and not in need of an intraocular lens?