Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Historical Cairo

It really hadn't sunk in. A very quick exit from the airport and a longer drive to our hotel with a potted history and warning from our pickup Mohamed.

I had been absorbed in half listening to Mohamed and half observing the buildings we flew past. Drawing the similarities and contrasts between them and Nepal. Even as I thought that, a horn tooted and a carriage squeezed itself between us and the wall on the edge of the road.

There was a sound from behind me, Kat or Luke had noticed something. Not a big sound, more of a release of air at the shock realisation of something significant. I caught myself before turning around, I looked up instead. Not up as much as you might expect but enough to need to move.

There they were. Dusty but regal, rising above the urban sprawl. They looked as if they knew the attention they drew from the world yet chose to ignore it. We continued on our way with the pyramids stubbornly ignoring us.

We had the night to while away to ourselves and would have been happy enough to fall asleep on the spot, but decided to go to the night-time power and light show @ the pyramids. Don't waste your time. If I were you, just wait for the real thing..but more on that next time! ;)

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