Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Characters - Lena

NOTE: Photos have been added to the Great Bamboo Barang Adventure (scroll to the next post to see them)

This is the first in an instalment of posts on the whacky, interesting and amazingly inspiring characters I have met in this eccentric country.

Lena Ji is a strange character:
  • she's an anthropologist, so it should come as no shock that she is slightly peculiar
  • she conducted her senior research paper on the American "RV" culture, hence got her university to pay for her to tour around New Mexico - bravo, is all I have to say
  • she's from Brooklyn, so has that incredibly entertaining accent (that I don't yet think she has caught me laughing at)
  • she's been having issues with her work in Nepal, specifically, trying to work out exactly what it is she should be doing on an everyday basis.
  • she has more than 4 cameras
  • nothing makes her happier than cheese on bread, except maybe cheese on a biscuit or cheese in an omelette
  • she is entirely unimpressed that I get power now 24/7 on account of being on the same grid as the Prime Minister (WHOLE other story). She has only 1 night a week in which there is power at dinner time even though she lives within 500m of my house
  • she is a music nut
  • she refers to her parentals as "Mama and Papa Neuf" - say it with a Brooklyn accent, it's worth it
  • she stopped watching TV at a young age and says people think she is weird for having done so. I just say she's ahead of the game
  • when she makes up her mind to do something, there's no going back. Say hello to Sally (and Lena):


  1. I'm looking forward to more of these little bios Rob - an interesting addition to the blog i say....

  2. i, too, am looking forward to more of these little bios, Rob. sounds like you are meeting some truly inspiring, poised, (not to mention) beautiful women over there in the Du! not only do they provide bread, cheese, and emotional nourishment, but they can make bamboo ladders from scratch -- quite the combo.

  3. your head is exploding with the size of your ego, any plans for the terracotta pot art project yet?

    Have some cheese...

    Amy, next instalment is likely to be Gunga the Tea Man, alternatively it could be Grumpy Fruit Man, Crazy Neighbour Lady, Smiling Kiosk Dude or Chow Mein Guy.. stay tuned

  4. Dash, thanks for stopping by my blog. Katherine is wise beyond her years.

    I like many of your blog posts, but am not sure a hooligan like Lena deserves her own chapter. My advice to you is to watch what you say to her. She has a killer right hook that surfaces when she is especially frustrated or annoyed. Look out!