Saturday, July 19, 2008


We spent today running through what was in our "orientation packs" Hopefully at some stage tomorrow we will get into the detail. Maybe the day after we will update our security plans. :~

THis afternoon we met our counterparts, mine (Mohan), Gemma's (Ashak) and Avi's (sorry I forgot his name for now). Mohan alsdo brought Jennifer along for dinner. Jennifer just completed her PhD on asthma and wanted some experience in a developing country and is helping out at the research department at Tilganga for a few months.

Tomorrow we are heading to Nargakot (to stay at Club Himalaya) which will be a nice breath of fresh air and get us up into the mountains a little. Then Sunday we will be back and hopefully spend a good proportion of the day looking at accommodation. I am working on the east of the city while the girls are in the south, so although we would like to live nearby or together, it might not necessarilybe feasible. I think we'll have a better idea once we have seen what is available. WOOT! Time for bed.

PS Forgot to mention that my snot has now turned black. Just so you know. In other news, Gemma got hit by some flying bird poo. Classic.


  1. Hey, if you ever get around to wearing thongs or ssndal type shoes there, just wait until you get black dirt in the cracks of your feet - and you cant get it out! Yummy!

  2. wow. i'm really glad you told me about your snot.

    you doodlehead.

  3. love the snot and the bird poo! That's what i need to hear. Keep up the good work!

  4. hey enjoyed the whole blogsite, good to see you getting going.